To-Go Parties

Announcing Our Most Convenient Location of All… Your Place!
 Simply tell us when your party or event will be, and we’ll package everything needed for your guests to paint their own ceramics. So next time you need to think up a great party idea, don’t worry…You can take it with you.

How Does it Work?
You come in and pick out the pieces that you want to paint. Pay for each piece + the $50 deposit for the kit. We will wrap everything up for you and pack up all of the supplies you need + instructions. Bring us back your painted pieces + supplies and we will clear glaze and fire everything in our kiln for you. They will be ready for pick up 2-3 weeks after they’re dropped off.

Large Parties
Corporate, college, school, community events, and more… Contact us and we can help you plan. You can either pick up everything you need up from us, or a staff member or two can bring everything to you and be there to help throughout the event (there is additional cost for staff members). 

Contact us today to reserve your to-go kit! Or choose your date below: