Paint Anytime, Every Day @ Color Me Mine

We’re here for you 7 days a week.  Just walk in and become an artist for the day at Color Me Mine.  Our friendly and helpful staff will be your private instructor(s) for the day.  Let us show you how to incorporate many different painting techniques into your painting.   Want to paint your piece one color?  You can do that, too.  We’ll help you use our computer to look up any image, resize it so it will fit where you want it on your pottery, print it and show you how to transfer it on your piece. Voilà, you’ve made your very own personalized coloring page right on your pottery.  Now all you have to do is color it in!

We have tons of different items to choose from, figurines, plates, banks, bowl, servers, mugs, pencil holders, tea pots, etc.  However, because ceramic mold wear out, our inventory is constantly changing.   You might see something one day and the next time you come in it’s been discontinued.  We try our best to have something similar but for various reasons items will be “out of stock”. 

Remember, you’ve personally painted your pottery by hand, making your piece as beautiful as you are.  Patience is necessary while we do everything we can from clear glazing, to firing, to unloading and packing to make everything right as rain.  We can’t see what’s happening during the 1800+ degrees of firing in the kiln because that’s really HOT!  We know however that the glaze is melting.  Your pottery is glowing white!  Things are moving.  Sometimes your piece has to be fired more than once to achieve its loveliness.